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Go where you want to go in the VMI Honda Pilot. Accessibility, space AND style is possible with this unrivaled SUV. This vehicle provides exceptional wheelchair maneuverability and loads of room for the whole family. It’s equipped with practical features that put the “utility” in this SUV, such as an in-floor ramp that’s easily stowed out of the way, a removable front passenger seat for greater seating flexibility, and plenty of usable storage compartments.





  • Unobstructed entry, exit and interior
  • Low maintenance manual ramp stows securely within the floor to eliminate rattle and prevent debris inside the passenger cabin
  • Removable front passenger seat
  • Reverse hinged 33.5” door opening, plus 58”headroom
  • Access360™ ensures exceptional maneuverability, even for large power wheelchairs
  • A caregiver vehicle with SUV style and space



Our vehicles with Access360® set a new standard for wheelchair accessibility and maneuverability because they provide more of what you want and need. More space for large power chairs to enter the vehicle and maneuver comfortably, more flexibility with a removable front seat and confidence that it will deliver a superior experience. 




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