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Commercial wheelchair lifts are commonly found in school buses, full size vans, transit buses, trains and many other mass transportation vehicles.  These lifts will offer lifting capacities exceeding well over 800lbs.  To get the capacity to that level the lifts will feature two lifting points for the platform, commonly referred to as dual post lifts.  A commercial lift will tend to have a greater vertical travel and larger platforms to allow the largest power wheelchairs to fit on for the ride to floor level. The governing body that watches over these lift manufacturers is NHTSA and they will continually attempt to find means for safer and more reliable lifts.  

Ricon Titanium S Series & K Series Commercial Use

Dual Post The new heavy-duty Ricon Titanium Line of S-Series and K-Series wheelchair lifts feature the industry-leading Ricon Safety Zone, advanced engineering and patented applications that deliver the most reliable, high capacity, low-maintenance performance. The Titanium Line design includes m...

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Ricon K Series KlearVue Wheelchair Lift

Dual Post The Ricon K-Series KlearVue wheelchair lift is the most innovative accessibility product available today. Based on market-prove Ricon S-Series technology, the unique KlearVue folding platform provides an unobstructed view inside the vehicle for both the driver and passengers. Outside, t...

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Ricon Classic K & S Series

Dual Post The Ricon Classic Line of S-Series and K-Series wheelchair lifts set the standard for reliable vehicle access. These value priced, lighter weight lifts feature the industry-leading Ricon Safety Zone, a patented interlocked occupant restraint belt and a patented Sto-Loc® design ...

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