With dual hydraulic lift arms and a design that has withstood the test of time, the Millennium Series offers all the benefits and trouble-free operation of a BraunAbility ADA lift electrical system, while the hydraulically activated outer barrier keeps the wheelchair safely and securely on the wheelchair lift platform throughout the lifting cycle.

BraunAbility's portfolio contains several models of the Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift to address the right application, including usable platforms of 33" x 51", 34" x 51", 34” x 54” and 37" x 51". The models also vary based on the placement of the front or rear pump module, the lifting capacity (800 pounds), and the overall floor-to-ground lift height (up to 48"). The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift is available with or without the handrail belt. See your BraunAbility dealer for lift models available for your specific application that meet ADA wheelchair lift requirements.

Standard Features:

  • 800-pound lifting capacity
  • ADA and NHTSA-compliant
  • Fully automatic FMVSS 403-compliant lift, operated by an attendant
  • Interfaces with OEM interlocks
  • Long-lasting LED lift-mounted lights
  • Side or rear door application
  • Floor to ground lift heights up to 48"
  • Made in the USA
  • Hydraulically operated roll-stop
  • Excellent reliability and durability
  • Easy installation

The Millennium 2 Series ADA lift also features new and improved inboard barriers, baseplates, vertical channels, and lower parallel arms for a more rigid and stable ride.

Ease of Use Features:

  • Hand-held control box with illuminated functions
  • Durable redesigned baseplate reduces lift weight and allows for quicker and easier service
  • Bridging feature permits the wheelchair user to board the lift from sidewalks
  • Equipped with an adjustable anti-rattle feature
  • Lift-Tite™ system stows the lift platform securely while the vehicle is in transit
  • Pump module with removable cover offers easy access to all components
  • Integrated back-up pump

Unrivaled Commercial Mobility Product Service

Every commercial ADA lift comes with our team of commercial mobility experts. They will work to find the ideal mobility transportation soultion, no matter the requirements, complexity, or scale. And after you make a purchase, they will continue to work just as hard to offer you all the service and repair support you need.

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