The Millennium Series van wheelchair lift is the most popular lift in the BraunAbility line with a strong, stable lifting platform and time-tested durability. The Millennium Series wheelchair lift is fully hydraulic in operation, for both the fold/unfold and up/down cycles. You regulate the lift operation by the standard handheld control, the on-lift controls, or the optional remote control. 

  • Can be installed in the side or rear of full-size vans.
  • Easy side-entry optional access to the platform eases tight parking space anxiety.
  • The Millennium Series van wheelchair lift platform is VA accepted and fully NHTSA compliant. Lightweight aluminum safety roll stop with traction risers for a non-slip surface.
  • Color-coded rocker switches are easily operated by those with limited dexterity.
  • Available in three platform sizes: 43”, 47”, and 51” (Longer platforms will require raised vehicle doors.
  • Built-in diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting.
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