Easy Access

The Ricon Clearway is a fully-automatic split platform wheelchair lift that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, offering complete access to the vehicle interior. This wheelchair accessory is the most popular side-mounted wheelchair lift solution on the market because its leaves a clear pathway for able-bodied passengers between the two lift towers.

The innovative approach to lift technology; the exclusive split-platform folds vertically, allowing unobstructed access upon exit and entry whether or not the lift is deployed. The driver’s line of sight is also unobstructed for optimum safety. Beyond intelligent design, there is also muscle. Dual-power cylinders ensure smooth, reliable operation, even for heavy wheelchairs and scooters.

Features of the Clearway wheelchair lift include:

  • Clear door access for easy entry and exit
  • Unobstructed view out windows for safer driving
  • Compact design allowing for more usable interior room
  • Strength in 800-pound weight capacity


• All-steel frame features convenient handrails for
 increased comfort and security
• Stable, non-skid platform with automatic inboard 
 and outboard rollstops
• Pre-lubricated bearings at all major pivot points 
 offer long term durability
• Built in manual backup system

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