From simple spinner knobs to customized Steering Aids and Driver extensions, a multitude of products have been designed to allow a driver to operate peripheral functions & control a selection of the following functions with just a touch

  • Headlights (on/off & dim/bright)
  • Turn signals
  • Hazard flashers
  • Horn
  • Washer/wipers
  • Power windows
  • Integrated phone controls
  • Cruise control
Spinner Knobs

Spin Master Spinner Knob Available in your choice of three colors: Black (A600) Grey (A602) Wood-Grain (A601) With Spin Master's innovative, clamshell design, one size fits all steering wheels. Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the design will leave no...

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Multi-Function Switches & Knobs

Multi-Function steering devices and switches enable drivers to operate vehicle peripherals such as wipers, turn signals, horn, head lights, etc. easily and safely while at the same time keeping control of the steering wheel.  Such products have been developed so these functions can be operated ...

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Gear Shift Extension

Our gear selector can be mounted on the left or right side of your steering wheel, depending on your preference. An extension means extra leverage for the right-hand location.

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Turn Signal Cross-Over

This lightweight crossover lever operates your turn signals easily. We install these products using bands, not screws, leaving your vehicles interior in its original condition.

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Parking Brake Extension

Long, sturdy, and easy to reach, this extension makes setting your parking brake a simple task. It adjusts easily for use in a variety of vehicles. Available in 11" and 14" lengths.

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