The next step in independent wheelchair securement, QLK-150 offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market.

Wheelchair drivers and passengers pay a premium for the freedom to drive, and they deserve a system that looks, feels and behaves like a part of their vehicle.


  • Improve Your Experience When fractions of an inch make a huge difference, QLK’s flush surface gives you more clearance (3/16” - 5mm) for everyday traveling. Interference with casters is significantly reduced thanks to a shortened footprint, and along with a tapered channel to help guide the docking bolt in, you can forget about the usual turns and snags of docking and get on with your journey.
  • Your Safety in Mind The QLK-150 docking system and its accompanying brackets are fully crash tested and iQ Certified to meet the requirements of the WC18 standard and be compatible with WC19 wheelchairs.
  • Dash Control The slim and flexible dash control features a peel ‘n stick design that conforms to vehicle interiors. Despite being small enough to fit in the most convenient locations, the touch controls are more than twice the size of other docking systems — and the embedded LEDs will clearly alert you to the systems’ status. Thin and flexible to flow with the shape of any dashboard area or surface.
  • Heat Treated with Trivalent Coating For strength, durability and environmentally friendly corrosion-resistance.
  • Removable Cover With Plug and Play servicing to ensure easier maintenance with less downtime.
  • Tapered Channel with Flush Surface Helps guide the wheelchair into the receiver channel making docking easier and more reliable.
  • Greater Electrical Reliability Eliminates half of the electrical components necessary with other docking systems.
  • Optional Floor Mounts Maximizes wheelchair pin height and improves clearance with everyday thresholds.
  • Reaching New Heights...and Lows For those wanting to maximize wheelchair clearance or prefer a more ‘OEM’ look, we offer several floor mounts to raise or lower the docking system height from 1.5” (38mm) to 4” (100mm). By offering several base heights, installers can customize the mounting position to accommodate different wheelchair applications and reduce the chance of the mounting bolt getting caught on uneven ground, thresholds or ramps. Similar competitor products require modifications that have not undergone crash tests
  • QLK Remote Featuring Touch-of-the-Button easy assistive technology, the QLK Remote seamlessly pairs with new or existing QLK-150 docking systems. Like your everyday key fob, the compact design allows the remote to easily clip to your key ring or mobility device
  • Limit-Switch and Over-Torque Protection Incorporated to ensure that everyday use and regular maintenance inspections won’t affect the performance of the QLK-150.


QLK-150 Features and Benefits:

  • Extensive Crash Testing QLK150 docking system and brackets are fully crash tested at 20g / 30 mph and are iQ Certified.
  • Flush Surface Eliminates snags and gives users an immediate 3/16” (5mm) of additional bolt clearance.
  • Reduced Footprint Shortened design front to back by 1.5” (38mm), retaining original hole pattern.
  • Slim & Flexible Dash Control Compact design has a much larger touch area and features embedded LED indicators showing system status.
  • Heat-Treatment All components* are treated to increase strength and reduce entry channel warping. (*Floor mounts are not heat treated to allow for field modifications.)
  • Sleep Function When a user exits the docking base, the system draws just 76.5 micro amps — about 5x less than other docking systems.
  • Low Current Draw Solenoid release draws between 4.2 - 9.1 amps — less than half of other products.
  • Reduced Electrical Components Design requires only a single micro-switch and eliminates thermal switch.
  • Screw-Terminal Connectors Connectors are easily removed for faster wire routing and to eliminate additional crimping and soldering.
  • Plug & Play Serviceability Solenoid and limit switch feature quick connectors.
  • Tapered Channel Helps smoothly guide users into place.
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