BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van


With the BraunAbility Pacifica Rear-Entry, you’ll find equal parts style and function—plus all the space and versatility you demand. The 34”-wide lightweight ramp and 56” doorway opening make entry and exit that much easier.

The BraunAbility Pacifica Rear-Entry blends luxury, function, and space for the ultimate in mobility convenience. More space. More style. More safety. The reinvented Chrysler minivans king and BraunAbility takes it next-level with our rear-entry Pacifica.

Another benefit of a rear-entry vehicle is the versatility in parking it offers. No more waiting on accessible parking spaces! And additional seating positions can be installed based on the number of passengers you need to accommodate.

BraunAbility Pacifica Rear-Entry Features

  • Best for wheelchair users who always travel with a companion
  • Manual hatch and manual, foldout ramp
  • Lightweight aluminum ramp tested at 1000-lb capacity
  • Ultra-wide ramp and extra tall doorway 
  • Patented two-position latch secures ramp
  • Best for a wheelchair user who always travels with a companion
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